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The languages of life… What’s your fluency?

woman_talking_iStock_000008940784XSmallYou may have heard of the very popular book called “Five Love Languages.”

The book tells us the different ways that we show love and how we like for love to be shown to us.

I was having an intriguing conversation with a dear friend this week and it occurred to me that when people speak, they immediately tell us what kind of person they are.

They can see the world in any variety  of ways and often all we need to do is USE our two ears more consistently than we use our one mouth.

We need to listen more than we speak.

When we listen, really listen, we will be able to hear what kind of life language people are using…

Positivity speak
Joy speak
Hopeful speak
Victim speak
Negativity speak
Powerless speak

I know that you understand what I mean.

I recently reached out to an acquaintance and asked how they were doing, and the litany of complaints began. I immediately felt deflated. I felt like saying, has nothing positive happened in this whole year?

I did not. Instead I just listened and made an excuse and got off the telephone.

If we wish to elevate our spirit, we must choose carefully the kind of person with whom we commune.

Now, comes the scary question, what life language do you speak?

Are you one of the people who is uplifting or down putting?

If you don’t know, try listening to yourself.

If you don’t know how to listen to yourself, then ask a trusted friend how you come across and promise them to not shoot the messenger.

It is a worthy exercise.

Try it.

Love and light,


Thankful for a great 2014….

nwlrbb50b76a9dc4871As we prepare to join loved ones this holiday season, let us take just a few moments to sit in silence and speak softly the things that pop into our heads that we are thankful for.

For me, it always starts with the simplest things:

  • My health
  • My family
  • The deep love of my children and husband
  • The warmth of my home.

Some of the more significant events are:

  • Visits to India and Trinidad to start global programs.
  • The first Train-the-Trainer in Austin.
  • Train-the-Trainer in Trinidad and how well we all formed community.
  • The ILF Team.
  • The love, support and brilliance of Andrea J Lee.
  • The new knowledge that Kate Roberts has spied about the way I teach and the way it can impact behavior change.
  • My ongoing partnership with PSI and being on the WIN team with Melinda Gates and The Princess of Norway and a group of female philanthropists who are ready to change our world.

What does your list look like?

Please let us know in the comment section below.

May you be at Peace.

Love and light,


Cultivate LOVE…..

plant love via interactioninstitute.orgWhat is the meaning of Cultivation?

The dictionary says it is the process of trying to acquire or develop a quality or skill.

When you read the title “Cultivate Love”, what did you think?

Take just a few moments now to meditate on the words, CULTIVATE LOVE.

This is very much an action phrase, it implies activity and intention.

How can you cultivate SELF love?

Here are a few ways to increase the bounty of your SELF love:

1. Reduce self-judgment. Tell yourself you REALLY are doing the best you can.
2. Have a designated STOPPER…someone who will say “Hey, STOP that negative self-talk.” This means you have to have a conversation with a trusted person and tell them your game plan. In my own life, I am a STOPPER for many even though they don’t know it. I hear their negative self talk and I remind them of something that is great about them.
3. Plant a small, living plant and take excellent care of it. Research the right amount of sun and water it needs and devote yourself to its care. Be a good steward of a living thing.
4. Stand for a few breaths in the mirror every morning and tell yourself a few good things about you.
5. Look at my video called “What’s right with you?”.

Try these easy steps for a few days, then for a few more. Keep a journal of your thoughts around Cultivating Self Love and if you feel inclined, we would love for you to share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Love and light,

Make my day….compliment me!

Laughing-woman via venusbuzz

Do you remember the movie with the bad guy saying “make my day”?

I think it may have been Clint Eastwood.

It just occurred to me the other day that a simple compliment or soft and genuine smile can make everyone’s day.

I saw a little boy today sitting with his Dad and next to him was a hat he had made. The hat was covered with glitter, stickers and red, white and blue pom-poms. I complimented him and he beamed up at me and let me try it on!

He made my day!

How can you make someone else’s day today?


Love and light,


Deep down, we all want to run around naked…


We cover our bodies to hide our imperfections.feet_earthing via wakeup-world.com

We use make-up to cover our blemishes.

There are so many products out there to cover up our flaws.

But regardless of what we look like on the outside, deep down don’t you just want to run around naked? Naked in that you do not have to cover up who you really are?  Don’t you wish you could let your flaws….the mole, the freckles, your imperfect smile, just be out there for everyone to see?  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show our open wounds, our vulnerabilities, the scars from the miles traveled?  Imagine the freedom to be trusting enough to allow others see the tears on our face, the awkward jig we do around the room when we are happy and to hear us sing out of tune when our hearts are full of joy.

We have become obsessed with covering up our bodies, our emotions and our thoughts.
I say quit your grinnin’ and drop your linen!

Expose your body, your feelings, your soul….if not to others, then to yourself.
You’ll be amazed.

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

I love sunshine! I love how the light plays on the leaves of the trees in my garden, how the sun’s rays play on the water in my pool and how the drops of dew look like diamonds when the morning light kisses them.

Can there be too much light?

I never thought that there could be until I went to Norway and Sweden.
The sun is awake almost 23 hours a day. The only way I knew I was tired was to check my watch and I would hear myself say, “dang, it’s 2:30am!” Then I would pull the black-out blinds and try to sleep. It made me wonder about biorhythms and such.

I came back home to Texas and embraced the night with the delight that a new born has when they see their toes for the very first time. I went to the window and was happy that I could see nothing. The world seemed to be at rest.
My world was at rest.

The abundance of light in Norway and the presence of dark in Texas made me acutely aware of opposites and how much we need them.
We need sour to know sweet.
We need noxious to smell pleasant.
We need rough to appreciate soft.

If we apply these opposites in our daily lives, we see that we need those challenging people for us to appreciate all the rest.
What we need not do, is allow the challenging people to define us.
We must define ourselves, we must know who we are and we must be true to that image of ourselves. We can use the opposite of who we are to appreciate all of our great qualities.
Consequently, we can explore the darker sides of ourselves and try to infuse some light to achieve more balance.

As a Quilter, I use ugly fabric to highlight the beautiful fabrics in a piece that I am creating.
We can use the ugly or dark in life to teach us how to appreciate the beauty or light.

So let there be light…and dark, and let us enjoy the sweet balance.

Love & light,


Teachers, your words have tremendous power…

I just heard an 18 year old on THE VOICE whose singing made me smile.

What he said about is 8th grade teacher, however, made me cringe and weep.

She told him he would never amount to anything!

Blake Shelton said “SCREW HER!” Adam Levine asked “What’s her name?” The classy young man decided not to reveal the teacher’s identity and said “I do not want to do that”.

I hope she knows that she has LET DOWN her entire profession.

Why do some adults act like the children that they are supposed to be helping? An 8th grader may act up, be mouthy and whatever else… that is a rite of passage. He/she at least has an excuse….THEY ARE CHILDREN!

What excuses do the adults give themselves when they show these kids what adults are NOT.

For everyone who reads this, you probably have a memory of a teacher who was less than supportive. Take this moment to send light to that person as you pat yourself on your own back for having the courage to not give up.

If you did give up because of what some idiot teacher said, send them healing light and clothe yourself in light. You are bright and brilliant and you deserve all the success you desire.

Love & light,