India, Trinidad & Tobago

As a global leader in gender-based violence (GBV) prevention, Indrani’s Light Foundation has partnered with PSI to launch programs in India and Trinidad and Tobago to reduce GBV experienced by girls and women and create a prevention model that can be replicated across India and the world.

GBV is a systemic, public health and human rights issue that not only jeopardizes the lives of women and children but also profoundly limits the progress of families, communities and countries. This project will:

  • Bring together quality local GBV organizations to strengthen their capacity and ensure that they are working together to refer their services to survivors.
  • Ensure women have access to legal and financial support, counseling, and tools to make the best choices for their families.
  • Engage men and boys on gender and GBV
  • Create a GBV prevention curriculum for youth

Indrani’s Light Foundation is a leading advocate and champion for GBV and is partnering with PSI Ambassador Mandy Moore to generate global support for the issue. She has addressed the UN on the importance of incorporating GBV into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and trains providers around the world on how to effectively work with GBV survivors.