Founding Member of Maverick Collective

In partnership with Population Services International (PSI), Indrani’s Light Foundation (ILF) is a founding member of Maverick Collective, a ground-breaking philanthropic and advocacy initiative aimed at catalyzing the next wave of social investors setting out to improve the health and rights of girls and women worldwide.

Today there are many health innovations that have the potential to dramatically improve the health of girls and women in developing countries. The challenge is that many of these innovations are not reaching the people who need them most, especially girls and women in remote and rural communities.

Maverick Collective is driving strategic investments to these innovations that go beyond the checkbook by engaging the time and talents of philanthropists who have more than just their dollars to invest. Together with members and partner organizations, PSI will implement potentially game-changing pilot projects, measure their effectiveness and use the results to leverage additional funding to bring successful projects to scale.

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