Kind Words

11247716_10152719951366637_4263423097898943369_o (1)“Indrani’s message of ‘radical self-care’ is both simple and revolutionary.  I watched her convey this powerful message to my mission-driven staff at a regional retreat in Latin America.  Indrani knows that even the most passionate and inspired workers need permission to look after their own well-being, amidst their hard work on behalf of the less fortunate.  Indrani’s message and approach have helped improve my own organization’s effectiveness at saving and improving lives in the developing world.”

~Karl Hofmann, President and CEO, Population Services International





pholt“Indrani Goradia, Founder of Indrani’s Light Foundation gave a heartfelt, moving presentation during PSI’s Latin American  strategic conference.  She shared the difficult challenges she faced growing up in Trinidad and how she was able to transform the experience into a successful career providing a role model for anyone facing gender violence issues.  Well done!”

~Peter D. Holt, President & CEO, Planet Tasti




Heichelheim-Judi-e1413055750907“We requested a short (one-hour) training from Indrani’s Light Foundation as part of our regional leadership meeting.  I was not sure what to expect, but was pleased to see how the trainers creatively tailored the course to our group of professionals.  It is truly amazing what can be done in one hour.  The methodologies were based on evidence, and they were simple and easy to remember.  For me personally, the most powerful take away was around saying no, something many of us do not do well.  Afterward, many of my colleagues mentioned how pleased they were to have us focus on something relevant to self-care, and not just work.  This has been incredibly rewarding for me and I am sure it will help lead to more effective and engaged leaders.”

~Judi Heichelheim, Senior Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Population Services International