The Team

Founder – Indrani Goradia

Indrani Goradia is a philanthropist and advocate for women’s health and empowerment. She is the founder and visionary behind Indrani’s Light Foundation, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing solutions to Gender Based Violence.

In 2004, Indrani decided to compete for the first time in an Olympic distance triathlon. While it was extremely difficult, she completed the triathlon as a way to celebrate her 50th birthday. With a similar determination, Indrani is a determined advocate for girls and women.

An acclaimed speaker, author, trainer, coach and activist, Indrani recently addressed the World Women’s High Level Development Forum on Women’s Health & Development, at the United Nations, New York City, and spoke at the United Way in London, England. However, she is most proud of her roles of wife and mother.

Herself a survivor of domestic violence as a child and young adult, she is a tireless and fearless leader of the mission.

Jeremie Miller – Director of Operations

jeremieJeremie Miller serves as Director of Outreach and Training for Indrani’s Light Foundation. Jeremie has experienced the abuser side of the gender based violence story through his past work in corrections, and has
worked with abused men and women while working in crisis and suicide prevention. Personally, Jeremie has been inspired to focus on helping ensure that his young son understands gender equality and gender based
violence in a new light based on the work of Indrani and the Indrani’s Light Foundation Team.

Officially, Jeremie contributes to the Indrani Light Foundation Team through content development, writing, and teaching; and, looks forward to continuing to spread a new understanding of what our world can look like without gender based violence.

Jeremie spends most of his time adventuring with his wife and son in Rossland British Columbia, with occasional jaunts to various locations in the world.

Mariam Hashimi – Outreach Coordinator and Admin

Mariam is a trained social worker and public health professional with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and a Masters of Public Health 

and Social Work (specializing in mental health). She provides administrative and technical support for staff and volunteers, and serves as RAFT’s outreach coordinator and executive administrator. 

With over five years experience in non-profit organizations and community health, Mariam is dedicated to decreasing health disparities and improving the well-being of communities. Her personal and professional goal is to support access to mental health, and reduce stigma around mental health and wellness—especially for women and communities of color. 

Originally from Nashville, Mariam enjoys traveling to different destinations and trying recipes from cuisines from all over the world. 

Alyce Jurgensen – Director of Education

Alyce is a certified Life Coach and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master of Social Work from the University of Maryland. She shares her passion (and over 15 years of experience) to facilitate our one or two-day RAFT programs for staff at domestic violence organizations across the USA. She also trains new RAFT volunteers to help spread our message.

Currently, Alyce lives in LA with her husband where she works as a life coach. Supporting the often unrecognized staff at domestic violence organizations and furthering her mission of “turning surviving into thriving” is paramount to Alyce. She wishes to see every person she coaches go on to build a life of connection, adventure and purpose.

When she isn’t busy with work, Alyce loves to travel. No matter where she is, she likes to have a great cup of coffee in hand.

Goodwill Ambassador – Andrea Lee


Andrea is a coach, teacher, entrepreneur and former Director of Strategy for Indani’s Light Foundation. As a survivor of domestic violence with a special awareness of the abused-to-abuser connection, Andrea has a deep understanding of human nature and the gender-violence challenge. Her message is one of self-responsibility due to her fundamental belief: domestic violence is a human problem, not a gender issue.

In her new role as Goodwill Ambassador to Indrani’s Light Foundation, Andrea will apply her fierce devotion as a coach, trainer, and builder of communities to the goals of ILF. She will also conduct grassroots abuse prevention research and solutions for both men and women, keeping ILF abreast of the latest findings in domestic violence.

Andrea’s latest book, “We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations” brings conflict resolution skills to entrepreneurs.

Amy Jaffe – Director of Education and Training

As a rape survivor, and victim of discrimination during her tenure in law enforcement, Amy is using her life experience and passion to give hope to women who have, or are currently suffering from violence of any kind.  Among her specialties:  social media consultant and engager, relationship builder, videographer, and recruiter of women and men who are eager to volunteer to teach workshops in women’s shelters and organizations.

In addition to her work at Indrani’s Light Foundation, Amy performed in the highly rated Portland theatrical production of “{Wild} Money Monologues,” and has spoken on stages about her story of survival and the magic of love.  Amy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in criminal justice, and spent almost 30 years in law enforcement and private investigations.  She is relishing in her new life of wearing many hats, and also enjoying her new leadership in a Portland women’s ceremony circle.  Amy resides in Portland, OR and owns a pie shop in partnership with her wife, award winning book author Luna Jaffe, and bonus son, Hunter.

Stacie Kenton – Director of Relationships & Executive Administrator

stacieStacie serves as Director of Relationships & Executive Administrator for Indrani’s Light Foundation. With 12 years experience in customer service and management in the banking and retail industry, Stacie decided to take her organizing and customer care talents to new heights by stepping into the online world as a Virtual Administrative Partner. Stacie began working with Indrani in January of 2012 and quickly found things to be a perfect fit. Now she enjoys providing attentive support for Indrani’s Light Foundation and its team.

Stacie’s absolute favorite place to be in the world is on her Ohio farm with her fiancé Travis, their chocolate labs, CJ and Remington and their resident mouser, Tumble.