Train the Trainer Online

Are you a student of Live a Brighter Life (LABL), the 6-module open-source empowerment program for living? Perhaps you’ve heard about it and would like to know more. Or, you’ve studied it already and want to go deeper because you know how powerful the work is. Maybe you’re interested in this opportunity to become a teacher of the work, and join ILF Trainers when we teach LABL to Intimate Partner Violence Advocates. Whatever the reason is, you’re in the right place.

10272679_10152456770534048_8792785988925842137_oLABL has been taught for free around the world to hundreds of individuals who, after experiencing extraordinary challenges, are ready to step up and claim their brighter lives.

Based on leading evidence-based social science, the ‘Live a Brighter Life’ curriculum is taught, for free, to Intimate Partner Violence Advocates, to help them live more empowered lives while they do the challenging work of supporting survivors.

ILF is now collecting names for the next teacher training.  We call this program the TTT or ‘train the trainer.’

During this 8-session training, the 6 modules will be taught to a new generation of teachers who, upon graduation from both the training and practicum portions of the program, will be able to:

  • integrate the lessons more fully into their own lives, studying and applying at a greater depth that lasts and evolves
  • generate the stories from their own lives that will breathe life into the curriculum when they are in front of the room
  • teach and present the lessons informally with attribution free of charge
  • apply to attend a culminating in-person Train the Trainer retreat to become an official Team Teacher under the umbrella of the Indrani’s Light Foundation.

Note: If you wish to deepen your learning and do not intend to become a teacher of the program, you are more than welcome too! Just know that you’ll also learn about being a great communicator and transmitter of the concepts along the way.

Before Registering to Join Us

If you haven’t studied them already, please note the 6 modules of the Live A Brighter Life Program are prerequisites for entering the Train the Trainer Program on this page.

Recordings totalling 12 hours are available free of charge.

The specific modules cover:

Module #1: Setting Boundaries: Define Your Personal Space
Module #2: Saying No: Say ‘Yes’ to a New Way
Module #3: Letting Go: Uncover Your Self-Respect
Module #4: Finding Resilience: Uncover Your Self-Compassion
Module #5: Restoring Self: Stand in Your Divine Power
Module #6: Being Present: Reclaim Yourself Physically and Emotionally

Each recording is approximately 2 hours in length. These modules are what you will be learning to teach during the Train the Trainer program, and stand as an example to learn from. If you’ve listened to them before, you may find it of value to listen again through the lens of this question: “What do I need in order to teach this class well?’ Interactive and experiential, sessions incorporate intellectual teaching, thought-provoking exercises, and simple yoga and meditation.

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How the Online Train the Trainer (TTT) will work

WHO: A maximun of 15 individuals who have previously studied the Live a Brighter Life Program and have an interest in furthering the cause of eradicating violence in the world.

WHAT: The training will be hands-on, multisensory and experiential, as well as highly personal, possibly intense and confrontative, but always safe and supported. Led by by Jeremie Miller and Alyce Jurgensen. Pre-event assignments and post-event reviews are included in this registration.

WHERE: In our online classroom, accessible by US telephone number and webcam along with interactive chat. Long distance telephone charges may apply.

WHEN: Times to be announced.

HOW:  You will be asked to sign a confidentiality waiver and media release, as the proceedings will be recorded for future training purposes. For comfort, we encourage you to go on a first-name basis when sharing or teaching during the live workshop.

The Working Agenda – The following topics will be covered

  1. The structure and flow of the Live a Brighter Life Program from a teaching perspective
  2. The student demographic varies, but what do they have in common?
  3. Baseline practice – Where are you now, what are you comfortable with and what’s NOT comfortable?
  4. Teaching by Example – What stories in your life will become your teaching stories? How to choose, choosing, and practicing. (Icebreaker)
  5.  The Biggest Pitfalls – When things go off track and why, includes hands-on exercises
  6. The Toughest Questions – Anger and you, safety as teachers, where you draw the line and how, including hands-on exercises
  7. Practice sessions with supervision and peer support
  8. Your Strengths and Weaknesses as teacher 
  9. Using the Body, Mind and Spirit in the classroom
  10. Journalling and reflection
  11. Indrani’s Story – the history, underpinnings and values of the Indrani’s Light Foundation
  12. The first students of Live a Brighter Life and their stories
  13. The Biggest Opportunities – How much is enough, how much is too much
  14. Confidentiality, Administration, Management, Reporting
  15. Practice sessions with supervision and peer support
  16. Where can YOU live a brighter life, to become a better teacher
  17. Building relationships with shelters and other organizations to lead LABL
  18. Fundraising and the greater benefit and bigger picture of the ILF mission, what the future holds
  19. Final practice session with supervision and peer support
  20. Journalling and reflection

Topics and order of topics subject to change. Teacher Training materials, including recordings, will be provided for further review.

Question: I’m interested in teaching for ILF. What will that entail?

Answer: Thank you so much for your interest! We are currently creating the opportunities to bring on Team Teachers. Please note that due to the liability and risk involved in bringing on teachers under our name, there will be further steps required in addition to the training above. All future teachers will be required to attend the online TTT outlined above. The opportunities and requirements for teaching for ILF will be further developed from there.

Thank you for understanding that we are building as we go in the face of demand. We appreciate your patience. Please note that there is not an anticipated cash compensation associated with possible Team Teacher positions.

Question: Even if I don’t go ahead with becoming an ILF Team Teacher, can I still use the material to teach?

Answer: Yes, the Live a Brighter Life modules are licensed under Creative Commons which means we are granting you the ability to teach the modules as is, without changes, with attribution to ILF and at no cost to your students. Once you’ve finished the 8-sessions with us, you’ll be equipped to do this.

Question: I’m very fascinated by the work of Indrani’s Light Foundation and find it inspiring. Will I learn more about this at the workshop?

Answer: YES. There is a lot of ripe learning in the story of how things are unfolding for ILF right now. The TTT is the perfect place for us to share what’s happening, why, and hopefully transmit some of that wisdom to your mission in life AND give you more teaching material.

Question: I’m a man and I’m very interested in the training. Am I welcome?

Answer: No holds barred, YES. In fact, you will not be alone at the workshop – we welcome men and women with no preconceptions and extend the same safety, respect and honor for your desire to make the world a better place beginning with you.