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Let there be light!

Let there be light!

I love sunshine! I love how the light plays on the leaves of the trees in my garden, how the sun’s rays play on the water in my pool and how the drops of dew look like diamonds when the morning light kisses them.

Can there be too much light?

I never thought that there could be until I went to Norway and Sweden.
The sun is awake almost 23 hours a day. The only way I knew I was tired was to check my watch and I would hear myself say, “dang, it’s 2:30am!” Then I would pull the black-out blinds and try to sleep. It made me wonder about biorhythms and such.

I came back home to Texas and embraced the night with the delight that a new born has when they see their toes for the very first time. I went to the window and was happy that I could see nothing. The world seemed to be at rest.
My world was at rest.

The abundance of light in Norway and the presence of dark in Texas made me acutely aware of opposites and how much we need them.
We need sour to know sweet.
We need noxious to smell pleasant.
We need rough to appreciate soft.

If we apply these opposites in our daily lives, we see that we need those challenging people for us to appreciate all the rest.
What we need not do, is allow the challenging people to define us.
We must define ourselves, we must know who we are and we must be true to that image of ourselves. We can use the opposite of who we are to appreciate all of our great qualities.
Consequently, we can explore the darker sides of ourselves and try to infuse some light to achieve more balance.

As a Quilter, I use ugly fabric to highlight the beautiful fabrics in a piece that I am creating.
We can use the ugly or dark in life to teach us how to appreciate the beauty or light.

So let there be light…and dark, and let us enjoy the sweet balance.

Love & light,