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Caring for the Caregivers Meditation – A Meditation on Self-Kindness – Episode #6

In this episode Indrani shares a special meditation to remind you to be kind to yourself when working in, what is often, a thankless job at your shelter.

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How will you celebrate today?

international-womens-dayHappy International Women’s Day!

Here at ILF, we are sending some major love and light to women all around the world.

“Let us each make ONE small commitment today to begin to live in our truth, not in our limitations. To live from expansive and glorious energy, not diminutive and restrictive energy. To make strides towards a new and magnificent goal, not just away from a lesser one.” -Indrani Goradia

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Let us lift each other up. Not just today, but everyday.

How are you celebrating today? Leave a comment below…we would love to hear from you!


Celebrating YOU,

Team ILF

Behind the nose of a clown….


Ah…behind the nose of a clown. A clown can be anything.

Behind the nose of a clown, a clown can pour out compassion at a safe distance from others.

Behind the make-up of a clown, a clown’s inner feelings and personality are hidden.

Behind the costume of a clown, the body and physical attributes of that person disappears.

Being a clown, as we have all been, allowed us to do one thing….show love and compassion, nothing else.

What mask or costume do you hide behind as you go through your day?

My challenge to you in 2014….be your kindest, most caring, compassionate, loving self without a mask or costume.

Can you make people smile and connect with another person in “nakedness” of who YOU truly are?

Who has touched your life today?


cp_family_kind_gestures_to_show_someone_you_care_articleToo often I think we miss the acts of kindness that happen in our daily lives.

I stopped to take an inventory of how many occurrences of warm-heartedness I received yesterday.  I could think of at least 15 times when someone said, did, offered, their kindness and fellowship to me.  Wow.  I can’t help but wonder if during the times that I feel sorry for myself, alone, worthless, that I am missing these simple caring gestures.  We live in a world that is based on “what’s in it for me” and if we stop and think about it…..A LOT!

If we take an inventory of everything we will see that we receive so much in life. But often times we are unaware or too busy and we ignore or dismiss the great things that happen to us every single day.



It’s all in the nose that makes a child with down-syndrome run towards you with open arms for a hug.
It’s all in the nose that makes children hide behind their mother’s skirt, and peek from behind it.
It’s all in the nose that brings warm, kindness and love to the abandoned HIV positive child.

It’s all in the nose that brings a smile to the parents as you share a balloon with their child who has cancer.
It’s all in the nose that brings a sigh of relief to the overworked nurse when we pick up a crying baby to hold.
It’s all in the nose that makes families waiting in the ER take a few easier breathes as they wait for a doctor to see their child.

It’s all in the nose that makes an elderly person get up and dance as if they were young again.
It’s all in the nose that gets that old person to crack a smile.
It’s all in the nose that takes the old lady from feeling lonely to feeling loved.

It’s all in the nose that makes a policeman directing traffic smile and wave.
It’s all in the nose that gets a toothless grin from a woman making tortillas on the curb.
It’s all in the nose that makes men blow kisses to the clown bus as they walk down the street.

It’s all in the nose that gives us clowns strength to see a once beautiful old woman playing with a stuffed toy.
It’s all in the nose that helps us hold back the tears as we see abandoned children in an orphanage.
It’s all in the nose that gave me the strength to watch a doctor siphon fluid from a baby’s lungs, while she was not breathing, and resuscitate her again.

It’s all in the nose that brings all of humanity just a bit closer.