Who has touched your life today?


cp_family_kind_gestures_to_show_someone_you_care_articleToo often I think we miss the acts of kindness that happen in our daily lives.

I stopped to take an inventory of how many occurrences of warm-heartedness I received yesterday.  I could think of at least 15 times when someone said, did, offered, their kindness and fellowship to me.  Wow.  I can’t help but wonder if during the times that I feel sorry for myself, alone, worthless, that I am missing these simple caring gestures.  We live in a world that is based on “what’s in it for me” and if we stop and think about it…..A LOT!

If we take an inventory of everything we will see that we receive so much in life. But often times we are unaware or too busy and we ignore or dismiss the great things that happen to us every single day.