He tells her she’s pretty…

He tells her she’s pretty.

He says “call me Daddy.”

He knows she is too young for him to be “chatting her up.”
He knows that she just had a fight with her Mother for being too mouthy.

How does he know?
She told him.

He told her that her Mother is a bitch and she is too pretty to listen to that bitch.
He buys her a purse that’s pink. Pink is her favorite color.

How did he know?
She told him.

He buys her a cold beer. She has never had beer.
How did he know?
She told him her Mother wouldn’t let her have any.

He smiled, knowingly and said, “A pretty woman like you should do whatever you want to do.”

He said, “Ever been in a fancy car like mine?”
She said no, and looked up adoringly to him.

He had hooked another one.
He waited for her to finish her drink…he had lots of time.

He had her whole life to hurry her up. He could wait for a few more minutes.

They drove across state lines.
She was raped that night.
He had lots of time to hurry her up now. She belonged to him. She was another one in the stable.

Do you want to know more about the sex trade?
Go to OWN and search for Lisa Ling’s report on sex trafficking.

If you know a young girl, please reach out to her and make sure you educate her about the horrors that are out there.

Be safe,