Call me CRAZY!

crazy via saudirevelations.wordpress.comYou know the song “Call Me Maybe”? If not, Google it now and have a listen. It is really sweet and fun to dance to!

I have some lyric changes for those of us who meet someone and BAM, we are in love!
Then when it does not turn out to be a fairy tale, we blame everyone else and we swear the next “stranger in the night” will be perfect.
By the way, Stranger in The Night is another song from long ago…it too deserves a listen.

Here goes…

Hey, I just met you
You say you love me
And here’s my money
Just call me crazy

Hey, I don’t know you
But you swear you love me
And I’m so desperate
So call me crazy

Hey, where you going?
We just had sex
You said you loved me
Now you say I’m crazy?

Hey, I really love you
I really hate me
And now you’re scared of me
Am I crazy?

I don’t claim to be a song writer but you get the point, right?

Some of us do crazy things and expect romantic outcomes.

Let’s respect ourselves, have our own life plan and use our thinking brains.

Love and light,