The sewing machine, Facebook and donkeys

Meet Frola Mabuga.  She is not on Facebook.

Frola Mabuga is a single 45 yr old woman in Kahama, Tanzania. Frola has lived in the shadows of HIV/Aids and poverty.  Frola wanted to learn to sew so she could provide for herself and her family, but she had no sewing machine. Frola shared a machine with her sewing classmates.  A friend who is with a local charity helped me get a sewing machine for her as a small business loan, so she could use to learn to sew and start her own tailoring business.

On October 5, in celebration of her entrepreneurial spirit she received the sewing machine to keep so she could start her business.

I posted a photo and Frola’s story on Facebook.

But the story does not stop there…

Another charity in Tanzania, saw my Facebook post and they offered to give her and her family two donkeys!  Donkeys you say?  Donkeys are like the equivalent to a John Deere Tractor or a Ford pick up truck. Now she has transportation, plow animals, assets.

Suddenly a simple investment in a sewing machine resulted in a domino effect of positive things to empower Frola to build a better life for her family.


What simple thing can you do for someone today?

That one act could be the catalyst for something life changing for that person.