Poison Control Center

Mr. YukWould you drink Antifreeze?

No you say, its poisonous?

Lets look at antifreeze. Antifreeze is odorless, colorless and tastes sweet. A little bit won’t kill you you may barely notice it. Drink a little more and slowly in time the body begins to feel ill. A little more antifreeze cardiac problems ensue then leading to acute kidney failure and then death.

Negative energy is like antifreeze. The first doses of it, you cannot feel its affects. You may not even notice it working in your system. A little more of that bad ju ju and you start to feel lethargic, sad, physically weakened, the mind and body’s defenses start breaking down. But your mind tells you you can take it, it will pass. Keep taking in higher doses of negative energy, more serious affects follow. The heart and spirit shut down, we shrink to a image of our former selves. We’re delirious not knowing how we got to this point, and we see we are dying.

So, why do we ingest negative energy then when it is poisonous?

What labels or identifying marks can we put on negativeness so we know to avoid it?

Who or what in your life is toxic?