The Frustration of Wasn’t

I am not sure whose problem it is or if there are actually two problems in the tale of the Frustration of Wasn’t….

Today while walking in around the neighborhood I was feeling  resentful, thinking of old emotional wounds that have never really  healed properly.

I try hard to please others mainly because it also pleases me.  I like  to do things for others.  However there are times when my acts of  kindness and love are looked upon as what they weren’t.

For example, I gave a very thoughtful (in my opinion) and expensive gift to someone who said they loved it, however complained about the things it wasn’t.

I took the responsibility of doing some painting, updating a bathroom in my house, only to be criticized on what the project wasn’t.

And it is funny as I write this, that my husband who seems to only see the things for what they aren’t, weren’t or wasn’t, has a vision of  the glass being half empty. Which is not a great way to go through life.

Then I am frustrated and disappointed that my efforts fall short of  the mark in his eyes.

So the answer is, there are actually two problems in the tale of the Frustration of Wasn’t.  The first is his problem. I cannot change his view of things, I can only  be responsible for my own reaction.  The second is my problem. He is not responsible for my  feelings of diminished self worth.

Ironically, this type of frustration of wasn’t, wasn’t what I signed up for!