We have all heard it… that constant probing for our attention. Let’s face it, it can get old…fast.

Today when I was ready to lose it, I had to remind myself what it took to get here. For me it took years of fertility treatments and an invasion of privacy and substantial drain on our bank account to adopt.

We face these battles in many aspects of our lives. Like beating out all other candidate to land that great job, or studying our asses off to get that great GPA or even having the courage to get ourselves out of a bad situation. They are all battles we have won.

So when we have to pull that all-nighter, or deal with a difficult co-worker, or have to listen to a relentless 3-year-old, let’s remember what it took to get here.

Now when I hear that endless “Mommy…Mommy…Mom…Mommy…Mom…Mom…” I try to smile and remind myself how hard I fought to earn that title.