Man’s best friend is my best teacher.

I recently got a chihuahua.

This little dog with a giant personality has become one of my best teachers ever. Each morning she runs around chasing her tail, delivering morning kisses. It is another great day to be a dog! Reminding me it is another great day to be a person!

She grins with that doggie smile not stressing over the issues of the day before. The puddle on the floor and the scolding is forgotten, its another new day. Reminding me that my mistakes of yesterday are passed and I should let go of them and be happy to move on.

She gives me constant looks as she tries to comprehend my words. Reminding me to listen try to be understanding to others.

She brings me back to moment at hand as she paws my leg. Reminding me to be here, now.

She is so happy and excited when I walk through the door after I have been gone. No judgement of where I have been, what I have done. Reminding me I should look at others with love in my heart and non judgement.

She stretches in downward facing dog, and upward facing dog, reminding me I better do some yoga.

How wonderful to get all of these lessons daily, in exchange for food, water and love.