Life is a banquet and most poor suckers…

are starving to death… Mame from Auntie Mame

Here is my take on this famous quote~

Life is full of JOYFUL moments and most people are too worried about what people will say or think to take the risk to grab the JOY.

View the video below…

[youtube width=”280″ height=”178″][/youtube]

This shows a flash mob that I was brave enough to organize. My dear friends Patty and Bindya jumped on the band wagon and we were all willing to look foolish while creating JOY for our community.

Who will you depend on to take a risk with you so that you can grab some joy?

Who can you depend on to NOT dismiss your dream for JOY?

These are worthwhile questions to think about…

Take a moment to think about your JOY TEAM.  Check out our next iamjoy event

Love and Light.