“Joy is not in things; it is in us” – Robert Wagner

As a kid growing up, I remember us having a boat, an airplane (I thought all kids flew somewhere for pancakes on Sunday), a couple cars, a nice house…. and yet I never saw joy in my father’s face.   As an adult I vowed to myself I would not make those same mistakes in acquiring material goods knowing they would not make me happy.  But lo and behold as I stand here today, I see that I did not escape the trap.

And what a trap it is.   The stuff we buy to try to fulfill a void, fulfill the ego, to fulfill what society tells us we should do/be/have.   When in actuality what we are seeking does not require financing, an American Express, or a drive to the mall.  It may take time to find joy which is in all of us, but it is free.

It is the joy within us that can fill us until we are overflowing.   Instead of being weighed down by possessions, with joy we are as light as a feather dancing on the breeze.