In the Shadow of VALENTINES day… stay in your own light

There is little doubt that February 14th gives us all some level of expectation. We may have significant others who play the game, or we may have significant others who hate the game, or we not have anyone to play the game with.

When I first came to this country so many years ago, this Valentines Day phenomenon was so new, I was really baffled.

Was it true that if someone gave you flowers or chocolates on one special day that it made up for heartache or missteps from all the other days?

And why is it that the onus is on the man/boy to do the giving?

I did buy into the program after not too long but it still sorta kinda bothered me. Then the day after was always some kind of boasting marathon thing at the office. Invariably one woman was always pissed off and others were telling her “how useless he was” but ( as I recall) she never really dropped him because as one woman put it  “he was better than nothing”.

That phrase has stayed with me all these many (37 plus) years later… “better than nothing”

If you say it out loud and slowly it is the saddest thing you probably have ever said.

On this Valentines day, I ask you this question… are you hanging out with someone who is “better than nothing?”

If so I want you to know this…

you are worthy

you are special

you are exquisite

I want you to stand in your TRUE worth and see the worth in all others around you. Perhaps, just perhaps you will give yourself permission to be BIG and BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL and in so doing you will give the significant others in your life to be their biggest and brightest and best(est) and you can celebrate the human spirit everyday and not just hang all your love expectations on one day.

The love hand

Oh, just one more thing, Give yourself some extra attention this week… you so deserve it.

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