2B or not 2 B is not the question… 2 B yourself or not, IS!

I cannot tell you how many times I have mumbled this quote to myself (and always in some weird version of a British accent and I also seem to morph into a gray haired old geezer).

I like this question better anyway:

2B or not 2 B myself?

Why didn’t Willie think of that?

Here’s the sticky part to this question… in order to choose to be myself, I have to know what BEING MYSELF means. This has not always been easy. There have been more times than I care to remember when I relied on others to tell me who I was, what I should do, who I should or shouldn’t like, etc. I framed my “ME” within the confines of someone else.

To be ME, the full and total ME that I am meant to be, means allowing myself to explore all the areas of life that I enjoy and to focus on the enjoyable parts of the areas that I don’t particularly like.

One very easy way to become the fullest you is to continually practice qualities that you want to improve or deepen. For example, If I desire to be kinder, I need to practice kindness every time I have the chance.

I must practice in deed, thought and word.

It may not be quick, but a little practice goes a long way and the universe is always giving us opportunities to step up to the plate.

Here’s to full and deep practice… cheers