PARENTS GET OFF THE TELEPHONE…and play with your kids, please

I am visiting my child in Philly and went to see a beautiful ORCHID show at LONGWOOD GARDENS.

As I was waiting for my car service to pick me up I saw a Mom SLAP her little girl ( age 5 or 6) because she threw a small snow ball and it landed on a stranger. The little child JUST wanted to have a snow ball fight. The Mom, reacted so violently, BUT she NEVER GOT OFF HER PRECIOUS TELEPHONE CALL!

The little child looked so sad, and seemed so embarrassed!

The woman, dragged the child away and NEVER got off the frickin’ phone!!!

People, Parents PLEASE, please GET OFF your telephones.

Take it from me, a new empty nester. These precious birds do fly off. These children do leave us and what will they remember? Are we teaching them to IGNORE us when we grow into our second childhood?

Please HANG UP! PLEASE do it NOW! Please take the time to look into the eyes of your precious children. Please take the time to SEE them.

Remember why YOU brought them into this world.

Was it to IGNORE them in public? If you are ignoring them in public, what are you doing in private?

If you do not know HOW to parent, get thee to a local class or to a teleclass probably being advertised right now in your in box. Get a coach to guide you into being the good parent that you truly want to be.

When you honor your precious children, you honor yourself!

You honor humanity and you are nurturing the people to which we are entrusting the world!