How do you experience shame?

Feelings imageWe will feel shame in our bodies before our conscious minds do. 

In our Live A Brighter Life curriculum we teach a workshop called, “Letting Go.”  It’s purpose is to teach you tools about letting go of shame, guilt, humiliation, and embarrassment.  But first, we need to teach you how to recognize shame.  One way to do this is using our bodies to identify shame.

If we recognize our physical responses, we can begin to identify and release our feelings, and limit the powerlessness that we feel when we are ashamed. In other words, recognizing shame is an important tool for regaining our power.

How do you experience shame?

Answer these questions:
I physically feel shame in/on my ___________________________.
It feels like_____________________________________________.
I know I’m ashamed when I feel___________________________.
If I could taste shame, it would taste like ____________________.
If I could smell shame, it would smell like____________________.
If I could touch shame, it would feel like_____________________.

Think about some physical reactions, which may include:

    • Stomach tightening
    • Nausea
    • Shaking
    • Wave of heat in the faces and chest

For most of us, recognizing and understanding our shame triggers is the same as revealing our vulnerabilities. We see our vulnerabilities as a weakness. Ironically, not acknowledging our vulnerabilities makes us weak and more vulnerable.

  • By denying your vulnerability you are also denying yourself compassion, protection, and the very ability to overcome
  • When someone is acknowledging her vulnerability, she is courageous, not weak.

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With Love & Light,

Team ILF