Where do you go when you feel shame?

Shame often brings us to such a diminished place that we can’t see our strengths or be objective about ourselves.  Shame corrodes the piece of us that believes we are capable of change.  It is often the source of destructive and damaging behavior.

shame imageSo where do you go when you feel shame?

  • Loss of self-worth (worthiness)
  • Loss of empathy (numbing of self)
  • Loss of connection with people
  • Loss of connection with self (identity and values)

And shaming definitely does not work when we are trying to introduce positive change to people.

When the ILF Trainers are teaching the Live A Brighter Life workshops, the discussion around shame often leads to how much people say they shut themselves off from the world.  They enter “the vortex” of shame and cannot escape.  They are sucked down deep and eventually have to fight their way back up into the light of the world.

Why is shame so powerful?  How can we keep from letting shame take over our lives?

We can teach you some tools and coach you on some techniques to work through the shame before it takes you under.  Our Live A Brighter Life online workshop series is completely FREE, and it can be anonymous if you need to attend privately.  It’s worth every minute!  Isn’t it time to THRIVE is life, and not just SURVIVE?

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