Almost everything in this world can be Googled, right?

I can learn how to build a plane.

I can get piano lessons.

I can learn how to yodel.

I can teach myself Chinese.

Everything, right? Is that true?


NO, it is not.

I cannot access my inner wisdom with Google.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a site called www.intuition.source?

HaHa! Maybe Google will steal that idea!

Yes, I want a .source.

We have .tv and .net and .com and .org and .edu and .gov etc so I want a .source.

Should we feel “Crap! Then what’s a person to do?”

NO NO NO… I have the answer (read this sentence in a southern preacher voice)

YES my friends I haaavvveee the AAAnnnsweer.



Drum roll please…..


You already have a .source.

You have it within you.

There is an internal wisdom that most of us ignore.


This wisdom sometimes comes as a soft whisper, sometimes a moving picture in your head, or maybe a gut feeling. All of these ways are soft knowings of what your next best step needs to be.

These “knowings” are never judgmental shouts as in “you idiot you should’ve blah blah blah”


The knowings are comforting, even though they may be the biggest risk you ever took in your life.


To access this gift, just get quiet.

Try meditating, or prayer, or a silent walk.


Try a day of total silence; put this on your e mail responder and on your telephone messages.


You have much to gain and nothing to lose…

.source is waiting