12009824_892412037516939_4778200098043983122_nThe word is detachment. The meaning is clear…..the underlying meaning is hard.

I was lucky enough to be a guest at one of the finest spas in the world, Ananda in the Himalayas.

While there, I attended a lecture on the Buddhist philosophy on detachment.

It was a good lesson.

I pondered on it and patted myself on the back about all the times I had “practiced” detachment.

12039292_892412050850271_5152356866228833580_nI went back to my room and began to work on one of the Mandalas I brought to do meditative coloring.


The Mandala I choose was called Mandala of the Mothers, and talked about creativity and how important it was to be able to actively destroy a piece of art.

I froze… it meant that I was going to do my best work on this piece and then actively Detach and Destroy.

It made me very sad.


12042884_892412087516934_6247763140236545712_nIt brought up emotions that I had not expected.

I thought that I may as well just destroy it before I did my best with it.

THEN… the true detachment lesson appeared to me.


“Do your very very best, then detach from it.”



12032981_892412097516933_5799320541859878675_nIt took me another few weeks before I could muster the courage to work on the art work, then actively detach and destroy.


What can you detach from today?



Love and light