Brighter Life Bits #27: Reaching Out

ILF_Wtagline_Logo rgbWelcome to this Brighter Life Bit segment.  For this lesson, you can listen to the original teaching at the 1 hour 14 minute mark of the Class 4 recording. You can download the audio from the ILF website here.

Reaching out and sharing your story can weaken your shame.

ExerciseAfter listening to this part of the recording, grab your journal or open a word document on your computer and write down what steps you need to take in order to tear down those walls of separation, and share your story.

Your exercise assignment this week: Write down your top three people who you trust…. who has earned the right to hear your story?  Write down your story if it’s safe for you to do so.  Try to practice speaking it out loud if you need to.  

Isn’t it time to give voice to your shame?

Share your experience with how this exercise worked for you in the comments of this post.