When PERFECTION bites you on the butt… kick it to the curb!

Recently I had the great fortune to be a speaker at a woman’s day of wellness. I wanted to say a big Thank you to the women in the audience by giving away a month of coaching. I did not want a big production about the give away so as I was attaching my business cards to my hand outs I decided to place one on upside down and the person who got that handout would be the winner of the coaching sessions.

The woman who won was so happy and she can hardly wait to start… but the story does not end here. As I was chatting and being social another woman approached me and said

” You know, I got that hand out but did not want it because the card was upside down, so I put it back and took one off the bottom of the pile.” She was clearly upset. She continued ” This is going to bother me for a long time.”

Talk about letting the search for perfection bite you on the butt!

You know what, it would bother me too if I allowed an such opportunity to pass me by.

Then I started to wonder, how many of us MISS OUT on life by searching for perfection? What does perfection look like? Would we even recognize it if we came face to face with it?

If I want perfect legs, would I recognize that legs with cellulite that work well and carry me through my day IS as perfect as it gets?

I remember one day in the summer, I was fussing about my fat arms and did not want to wear a sleeve less shirt, so in 100 degree weather I put on long sleeves.. then I saw a woman in shorts and short sleeves who had clearly survived a bad fire and she was so happy to be free to walk and shop and be independent!

If I want perfect children, will I recognize when they are trying their best and being their perfect selves?

If I want a perfect marriage, will I understand that when my spouse comes home every night, hugs and kisses me and watches some mundane TV show with me and listens to my day… that that is indeed perfection?

Will I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that using all my gifts and talents in service and gratitude is as a perfect life as anyone can create?

No, I do not always recognize these perfect moments, but I want to, I really do!

Today, I invite you to recognize all the perfection around you and to accept that you are perfect also.

Today, my wish for you is to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that life is sweet, perfect and ever changing… tomorrow you will create a new perfect!

Now, go forth and create some glorious imperfect perfection!