What kind of plant are you?

What kind of plant are you?

Recently someone pointed out to me that I am like a cactus.   It was said in reference that I have been devoid of love, like a cactus has be devoid of water.

I let the comment pass but I began to draw similarities between myself and a cactus.

If I were a cactus I would be a saguaro.

Saguaro cacti stand tall through the blazing sun and yet, are able to endure the snowy cold…just as I was raised to stand tall and to endure the elements.

Be tough no matter what; be stoic.

Saguaros, at least in photos, seem to be isolated and remote.  I tend to isolate myself.

Cacti have thorns…so even if you want to get close the prickles are enough to ensure that no one gets too close. I may not have thorns but I definitely keep people at bay.

Like any cactus they can survive dry spells and live through a drought. As it was pointed out to me, I have survived through a love drought.

When a cactus does encounter water…the roots dig in and grasp at the vital water.  I have found when love has been present in my life, I hone in on it almost obsessively, trying to absorb as much as possible.

With water, the cactus blooms.  With love, I radiate, blossom, and am beautiful to see.

An extreme plant. An extreme person.

If you were a plant…what kind of plant would you be?