What happens after you say “No?”

In our Live A Brighter Life workshops, we teach a module called “Saying No.”  In the last blog we talked about some of the reasons why you are fearful about saying “No.”  (If you’d like to be taught some tools about HOW to say “no,” we have a 6-week online course starting in the summer. Click here for more information).

Managing NOOnce you learn and practice new techniques on HOW to say “No,” now you need to make sure you can manage the reaction you will receive from others, now that you’ve said the word “No.”  Here are the tools:

  • Hold your ground
  • Expect the other person’s stages of denial
  • Take a DEEP breath (literally)
  • Become the observer

The last tool, “become the observer,” means that you try to imagine you are observing this scenario on a stage.  You are a member of the audience watching yourself saying “No” to this person.  You can watch to see the tactics that this person will use.  As this is happening you can “name the game,” or tactic to yourself.  There are many games: flattery, bribery, threats, manipulation, personal attacks, guilt, shame, slippery slope, etc.

Can you say, “No?” If you need help, WE can help.  This is a FREE class you can attend in private, or face to face with us online.  Either way, we can offer you support and great tools to live a brighter life.  Click here to sign up!

Love & Light,

Team ILF