What do you need to say “No” to today?

Under what circumstances would you like to say, “No?” Are there circumstances in your life right now in which you are not saying “No” because you are:

  • Accommodating someone.
  • Attacking the person for asking for something.
  • Avoiding the situation all together.

What do you need to say_NO_ to today_At Indrani’s Light Foundation, we teach the Live A Brighter Life workshop series. In the second module we teach tools about HOW to say, “No.” We talk about “The 3 A’s.” Accommodate, attack, and avoid.

For example:

  • Accommodate: “Anne” does NOT say no, and accommodates her husband by giving over all of her money to him because she fears he will retaliate.
  • Attack: “Alice” yells and screams at her son because he consistently disobeys her.
  • Avoid: “Martha” steers clear of her co-worker, who seems to always want to borrow money.

Do something right now ….

Take a few minutes to write down one instance in which you would like to say, “No.” Write down the emotions that you feel about this issue.

Please give us the top two emotions that come up for you.


Love & Light,


The ILF Team

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