What Does Ending Generational Violence Mean?

What does ending generational violence mean?

It means that we stop saying “ It happened to me and I turned out ok.” What does that really mean? Does it mean all of the following? 

I did not die. 

I did not commit murder.

I am holding a job and have a man so I must be ok. 

I don’t do half of what so and so did to me 

At least I don’t throw sharp objects.

I can come up with a list of other useless and meaningless statements. 

Why are we settling for barely or merely ok?

Why don’t we aim to thrive?

Ending generational violence means that we not only stubbornly refuse to spread the pandemic of violence to women and girls but that we also become lifelong learners about what abuse does to the brain and healthy brain functioning. 

It means we choose a path of healing and peace for ourselves and everyone in our home and life. 

It means introspection and taking responsibility for all our actions. 

Let’s end violence together.