The Ulysses Contract….

Allow me to refresh your memory of how
Ulysses saved himself from the sirens.
He made his men lash him to the mast of the ship and plug their own ears with wax so that they would not fall prey to the sirens or follow his pleas and demands to be untied and ultimately die.

He saved himself and he saved his men.
The siren’s song was legendary.
Men who became bewitched by the sirens singing steered their ships upon rocks and perished. Ulysses knew what was waiting. He knew that he had no choice but to take that route.

So, instead of “hoping” for the best, he made a plan.
His plan was a two part plan.

Why two parts?
He KNEW himself. He knew that even though he was lashed to the mast he would have screamed and shouted demands at his men until they untied him…and how dare they disobey the “King of Ithaca”?

What can we modern folk learn from this ancient warrior?
Are these lessons even applicable today?

YES, the lessons are still very applicable.

Do you have any cravings?
Do you have any addictions?
Do you “invest” money while watching home shopping network?
Have you ever been caught by an infomercial?
Do you eat unhealthy foods?

Any of the above can be a situation under which you could make a Ulysses contract with yourself.

If you eat the cheesecake…you will do extra time on the treadmill.
If you spend too much on HSN…you will NOT watch the channel for one week or one month.

Be aware that the second part of the contract requires that you make someone a part of the plan so that you ensure success.

Take a look at the events in your life that occur frequently and ask yourself what sort of plan you can put in place to make better decisions and have happier outcomes.

There is a country western song with these lyrics “tequila makes her clothes fall off”.

In this case she needs to wear a body suit that is mighty hard to take off if she wants to still drink tequila.

Cute undies just may not be enough 🙂

What are your challenges? What’s your tequila?

Love and light