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What is your heart feeling?

What are my eyes seeing?
What are my ears hearing?
What is my body feeling?

Whenever I find myself in a precarious position, whether within the family or in a business meeting, I try to answer the aforementioned questions.

It is not often that I have tons of time to really dive deep, but the simplicity of the questions allows the answers to float up into my mind.

Let’s create a scenario.

I have been asked to do something and I have done it to the best of my ability. I did it willingly and with an open heart. The event is over and I am sitting to rest and recover.

Someone walks into the room and says, “Yesterday went really well, but…”

I was not expecting the BUT.

In this example, I can ask:

What are my eyes seeing?
My eyes are seeing a loved one standing in front of me with a cup of coffee.

What are my ears hearing?
My ears just heard BUT.
What else did my ears hear?
My ears heard that yesterday went well.

What is my body feeling?
My body is feeling heavy.
Why is my body feeling heavy?
My body feels heavy because I am expecting an insult, criticism or a “you should’ve done this.”

Ok…so there is it…I have created my own stress!
What do I do now?
If I really think that the event went well I can say, “YES, it was awesome” with such confidence that maybe the BUT will fall away!
Or maybe the BUT will still be offered, but it will not be about you.
It may be about them.
You can even say,
“I am not ready for any buts at the moment, so let’s save it for later.”

It really is up to each of us to do our best, stay out of thought clusters that mess with our hearts and to be compassionate to ourselves.

It is NOT in anyone’s interest to be as kind to me as I can be to myself.

So, what is your heart feeling when you show love and kindness to yourself?

Love & light,