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The Alchemy of Friendship


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A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to spend about 5 days with a friend. Just us two! We worked side by side, we checked in with each other, we had meals together and we walked around NY together. It was easy, fun, light and sweet!

It had been so long that I had felt such peace of mind with someone that it made my knees weak, my heart smile and my life expansive.

As I age I have been fortunate enough to meet some like-minded people with whom I can connect on a soul level and speak about the deeper issues of life.
Their love of and for me changes me in a positive and powerful way.
My love and acceptance of them changes me in much the same way.
We are social beings!
We run in packs!
We need our posses!

We cannot allow ourselves to be isolated from our fellow humans and we cannot fool ourselves into thinking that we a solitary creatures.
When you feel you are being disconnected from yourself it may be because you have been disconnected from others.
To see your goodness reflected in the eyes of a friend affirms your self-worth. It makes small moments LARGE. It makes little things BIG and it fills you with warmth and contentment.
If you have isolated yourself over the course of a few weeks, months or a lifetime, it is time for reinsertion.
Find like- minded people and form a group that meets regularly.
Your family can do without you a few nights a week!
If you don’t have a family, better yet, make a new family of like-minded people.
Get your gang together.
Have coffee and cake.

Last year I was in Sweden and they have a thing they call Fika.
It is when friends get together for coffee and cake!
Imagine….it is so ingrained that there is a word that means “Celebrate friendship.”
Go have a Fika with a new friend.

Love and light,

Clothes make the man….

The quotation, “clothes make the man,”  by Mark Twain came to mind today.

I was thinking about this as I rustled through my closet looking for something to wear to work.   Since my clowning expedition, my day to day “normal” clothes look boring compared to the bright colors, blooming silk flowers, embellished hats, bows, polka dots and striped socks I wore while parading through Guatemala.

Do I want to wear this pair of pants? Then what shirt matches–tight pants and loose top, or loose pants and tight top? Flat shoes, heels, open toes, or not?
We have learned that how we dress says a lot about us.
Clothes can say I am a doctor, lawyer, farmer, banker, tribal chief, etc.
Not only do our clothes tell a story to the people around us, it tells us something as well.

Put on a nice suit or business dress and the mirror speaks to you of success and confidence, when deep down perhaps we feel less than that.
Slap on a sexy outfit and thoughts of attractiveness, beauty and love, maybe even power fill your head.

What you wear can tell you: You are successful, attractive, sexy, lovable, comfy, practical, etc.

Look it the mirror.  What is your reflection telling you?  And what does your appearance tell others?

And most importantly does your reflection reflect the truth of who you are?