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The extended hand…


My daughter and I were just about to embark on a shopping adventure. She was excited to find what she wanted and I was elated to spend time with her. Almost 6 hours with her…my best gift of 2012.

We pulled up to a stop sign and I caught a glimpse of the pan handler out of the corner of my eye. I nodded to her and she approached our car. She came to the passenger side and I motioned for my daughter to give her something.

When we passed her the money she reached her hand into the car for the comfort of the human touch. I reached over and we connected.
She smiled and we blessed each other.

As I drove away, I realized how far I had come. There was a time when I would not have even looked at the pan handler.
Back then, I looked but in judgment.
Back then, I looked and gave a little change.
And then, I began to work with the homeless and saw them as people like me and began to soften to their plight.
Now, I can roll down the window and reach back to grasp an outstretched hand.
We are all good people, and we can learn to be better citizens.

One of my favorite quotes is,

“There is too much good in the worst of us and too much bad in the best of us that it does not behoove any of us to judge the rest of us.”

I cannot remember where I heard it but it is a great anthem by which to love and live.

Happy 2013 and my wish for you is that you suspend judgment and just try to be a better citizen.

Happy New Year!


Love & light,


What is an OUTCAST?

What is an OUTCAST?
What is an INCAST?

The Webster dictionary describes an OUTCAST as a person who is rejected, degraded or expelled and driven from home or society.

So what does this mean to the INCASTS?

Do they reach out to the outcasts to try to find out if they are hurting? Do the outcasts try to reach back? Do outcasts know that they are considered outcasts?

Who makes the decision about which CAST you are in?

I am NOT smart enough to have any answers to these questions.
I only know that YET another shooting has occurred and more incasts are dead.
More incasts were terrorized by the outcast.

Can we AFFORD to hide behind these terms?

If you feel like an OUTCAST, please reach out for help…
and all you INCASTS, please reach out also and take someone by the hand.