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Let’s all do more of these in the New Year…..


Smile more.

Speak with compassion.

Help a stranger.

Take more steps and move your body.

Tell yourself you ARE good enough.

Eat 5% more healthy.

Complete this sentence:
If I were to follow my purpose I would be brave enough to ________________.

Now find a way to begin that journey.

A very happy 2015!


Love & light,


Sunny with a chance of blessings….

dancing in the sun via debtdoctorscanada.comHappy 2014.

Perhaps if we hold this phrase in our hearts we will find the sun and feels its warmth, all while seeing the blessings all around.

Let’s plan for the best in 2014 and learn from the not so best.
Let’s show up everyday.

May your 2014 be all that you want.


Love and light,