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The importance of mentoring our young people.

Portrait of Young Woman Holding Blank PlacardI recently attended a conference which was populated with amazing, young social entrepreneurs and people ready to make significant change in their world.

Young people concerned with food security for the most vulnerable on the planet, those concerned with helping adolescents with HIV Aids to live a full life and others still who were just looking for a cause.

Here is what I know for sure…

They all need a mentor, a guide who can listen to their thoughts, their visions and their big dreams.

I know this because I so desperately needed mentors through the various stages of my life.

I had great and supportive teachers in high school, in college and graduate school. Then I was in the work world and had no one to turn to for help with my career.

I did not even know what my skills were.

I had no idea what questions to ask or who to turn to for guidance.

As I was wrapping up my presentation from the stage at this conference I said, “I am 61 and I know what it’s like to be working in the dark. I know what it’s like to have a vision that no one else can understand and how easy it is to begin the toxic process of self doubt.”

I offered to be a mentor to those who needed one.

A few young women came up during the course of the weekend and asked me to mentor them and with each request my heart grew wider and warmer and I know what an honor it is to be the attentive ears for these future leaders.

My ask for you is to offer yourself to mentor others.

It does not matter how old or young you are, someone needs what you have.

When I was that small and beaten child in Trinidad, what I would have given to someone to have seen my pain and acknowledged it and given me some soft ears to speak my pain.

I know that it would have made my pain sting less.

Speak up.

Listen well.

Share your strengths.


Love & light,


Our New Year Gift to you….


Our New Year Gift to you is this delicious recording of our January Chat n Chai with Suzanne Falter.gift-box via mint
Suzanne is a transformational master and has honed the fine art of allowing flow to guide her business and personal lives.
Suzanne is a woman of wisdom and depth and in this recording she shares some very personal stories of her darling daughter Teal, who passed away suddenly in 2012.
She gives us a new model for grief and love.

Enjoy this recording and feel free to share it with anyone who could benefit from it’s message.



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And here are some lovely sound bytes from this call with Suzanne Falter….my BIG take-aways:

  • “what the heck I’ll just make a right hand turn”… is how she was led to this place
  • Does not MATTER how big a community is… find your niche and serve your market.
  • “ When you see a fork in the road, take it… follow the flow.”
  • “ all this work, is a result of what my spiritual path is asking me to do at any one time” Suzanne tells us how her life events, including the death of her daughter Teal, put her into a new layer of spiritual connection.
  • “It is all life and flow, it is all the same.”
  • Platform is THE THING YOU ARE KNOWN FOR.  You do not have to have a business, you must stand for something.
  • “Taking people by the hand, show options from a grounded business place… a business path.”
  • The platform of an abused woman to step into the divine essence that she was born with.
  • The way we choose to live in the world, the words we choose to speak, what will you remember about me tomorrow… that is my platform.
  • Let women speak freely around cooking a pot of tea from an empowered place, teaching their truth.

I do hope you enjoy….
Love and Light