Pure love can take a licking….

Pure love can take a licking but keeps on ticking.
But only PURE LOVE of one’s OWN SELF.

In other words PURE LOVE is the only true protection. Pure love will and can save us from the hurtful words of others.

If I find myself in a situation where people are berating me and want nothing more than for me to feel bad, remembering that I love myself is the ONLY protection I need. How does this work? I have the ability to hear truth VS lies.

A few years ago, I was accused by a very close family member of being,
and I quote, “a lousy family member, someone who cannot put family
I heard the words and I quietly said,
“I do not know who you are talking about, because that is not me”.
I then walked away because I was NOT about to defend myself against
false statements. That’s the other thing that pure self love will do for you. It will
save you from self defense when someone is on the offense.

Here’s the way I see it….
They are on the offense for reasons only they know.
They have some kind of the game in mind and I do not know what the
game is or when it will end.
I have not agreed to play.
Therefore no defense is needed.
Just walk away.

Here’s the trick though.
Can I walk away without being angry?
I must work hard to not accept the other person’s anger.
Can I stand in my own self love and not judge the other?

Pure self love will give me the strength to show the world how sweetly
I treat myself and how I expect to be treated by others.
This is something only I can do for myself.
It is something only you can do for yourself.

Pure self love…now there’s a platform on which to stand and
shout: Look out world, I love me, so I can love you!