EXPIRATION DATES… applied to the “stuff of life”

I was recently visiting my parents in Trinidad and wanted to take my Mom to the beach

so I was rummaging around for sunscreen. I found 5 tubes/bottles/sprays all way past their expiration dates. The worst was 1987 and the newest was 1996!

I immediately started to wonder about the ” stuff” we carry around with us and if they ever have expiration dates. How long must we store or obey unwritten rules that say we should not do certain things? How much stock must we put in the old rules from years long past about what we should or should not believe.

A client from another country recently told me that her husband NEVER eats left over food because it was not safe. I agreed that in years past when there were no refrigerators that left overs were not safe. But we are in this century with frozen food  crossing the globe several time a day and it is quite safe. She still has not given herself permission to not have to cook fresh food not only once but several times a day.

I think that the expiration date on that belief is way over!

Is it kind of like still holding on to beliefs like the world is flat and the sun moves around the earth?

If a belief no longer works for us do we have to wait for the whole society to accept that it is way past the expiration date?  Can we be strong enough to stand firm in new knowledge and create some wiggle room in those very out dated beliefs?

When we choose to step outside of the acceptable norm, how can we make ourselves immune to the ” how dare you not follow the rules” attacks?

During this holiday season, you may find yourself trying to step out of some of the “traditions” that no longer serve you and maybe wondering just how to break the news to the significant others on your world.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Do take some time for reflection on what exactly you no longer enjoy and also what you do enjoy about this time of year.
  2. Make a list of all the positive memories from years past and decide what memories you would like to create this year.
  3. Remove all anger from your heart when you begin to craft a new way to achieve new memories.
  4. Invite your family for a cup of coffee/tea/eggnog and tell ( not explain) what you’d like to do differently this year.
  5. Ask for questions from everyone. Listen to all the questions before you answer any.
  6. Craft your responses with love and support for what they maybe feeling all the while standing firmly in the respect and honor that you have for yourself.
  7. Allow them all of their feelings. Do not tell them how to think.
  8. Keep smiling.
  9. Ask if anyone has ideas for new traditions.
  10. Help the younger members of the family to think up some traditions of their own.

For some more information on how to reduce stress this holiday, listen below to my interview with Koren Motekaitis on balance.


Keep focused on the MEMORIES you WANT and stay away from the memories from the past that you do not want.

Love and Light

Peace and Joy


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