Meditate with Indrani at *This Moment*

Meditate with Indrani Indrani would love to share some of her meditations with you, so keep an eye on the ILF blog for our ongoing meditation series, which begins with today’s meditation.  Her desire is to assist the members of the Indrani’s Light Foundation family a way to begin a meditation practice, if you do not have one at this time.  If you have a meditation practice, these weekly meditations will help you to work on living a brighter life.

Today’s meditation is called, “This Moment.”  It will help get you centered and grounded to whatever challenge or issue that is taking place in your life at this moment.  Looking to get freedom from the pressure that’s squeezing, choking, and stagnant feeling when you’re caught up in your head and can’t get free.

Give yourself permission to feel whatever you’re feeling.  Don’t ignore it …. don’t judge it. Indrani wants to share a trick that will help you not feel like you’re a hostage in this moment.

Think of a time in your life when you were happy, or elated beyond belief.  Was it a birth of a child?  A recent vacation?  Or perhaps a face of a friend who you haven’t seen in ages. What is the feeling you have right now as you visualize this memory?  Why do these visualizations work?  Indrani will explain in this short 10 minute meditation.

“This Moment” Meditation Recording