LIFE…assembly required

We have just come off the holidays. We all either bought or received gifts that requires doing something from simply inserting a plug  or full blown building like making sense of a bunch of parts/Lego blocks/software instructions etc. Ring any familiar bells?

This got me to do some serious thinking.

What if I applied those same principles to building the life I want? We all have a life ( if you are reading this you certainly do!) and more often than not it has been highly influenced by the actions of others. Their choices have had some impact on us.

What if I thought of all those ” things that happened” as parts of the thing I have to create. All the pieces are necessary to some degree but just like some packages, there are sometimes extra parts in case we lose or mess up right?

If I accepted that it was my responsibility to create the BEST POSSIBLE product (my life) from all the parts that are laying on the floor, I may just begin to accept the task of experimenting with a different combination. Instead of judging myself when something was not as I wanted, I may deconstruct it and try something completely new. I would KNOW that as long as I was playing around with the elements, that I was in the game and I may accept all the silly missteps and aggravations that previously threw me for a loop. I might actually expect a part or two to break or roll out of sight and I would actually replace something it if I thought it was absolutely necessary or I might go looking for it, like I would if a screw rolled under a sofa.

Here’s an example. I recently got a flip cam ( get one!) and I plugged it into my Mac. I was having the hardest time getting it to do what it was supposed to do, which is to e mail video easily and effortlessly. It turns out that the Flip cam LOVES windows a lot and Macs not so much. So, I got my computer guy to install a parallel windows software and now my FLIP loves my computer!

In this instance I did not have all the parts I needed, I had to buy some more which I gladly did and my goal was accomplished. Exactly what I would have to do if I had something that needed batteries to power it up! I would not fret that I needed batteries. I would wait until I had the money to get them and I would be happy that I got my new toy to work.

Now for a LIFE example. When I was first certified as a life coach, I really wanted to incorporate yoga  with my coaching. I observed my clients and the way they held their bodies and realized that a lot was being unsaid/unheard and untapped in their body language. When I was face to face with someone I would notice how their bodies reflected their pain and challenges. I did some research and found a program ( Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy) that used the body as a portal into the mind.

The training required travel and studying and tons of reports ( and I hate to type!). I did a quick inventory check of the elements I already possessed ( I liked to travel, I am a good student, I have a computer to type my reports ( and thank god for spell check), I enjoy learning new things etc)  that would enable me to put this new coaching persona together, A Life Coach who used yoga and yoga therapy with clients. It took almost 2.5 years but this past October I finally completed the last of my Yoga training and now I am fully certified to create the life I have dreamed about.

How about you? Is there something in your life that you want to create but the parts that are laying around seem more like obstacles than pieces of the puzzle you need? What can you do to re-frame the way you are thinking about what you are surrounded by and make all these pieces work for you?

My questions to you are quite simple:

1.What do you want to create?…be very specificc

2.What skill sets do you already have?… be really boastful

3.What do you need to acquire ( new skill sets)?… be really honest

4.Who is teaching what you need?… be very open minded

5.What forgotten parts of your life do you need to find in order to make your new life a reality?… be very introspective

6. How much responsibility are you willing to take for the life that you dream about?… be very sincere

When you begin to PLAY with the above questions and responses, a picture will begin to form. Take a few days/weeks ( yes, I know that January will be over, but you can still keep resolutions in February ok?).  Take some time to journal about the things that are coming up for you. Use collage/paint/magnetic words on the fridge… just have some fun!

Allow the mental picture to really take shape and then INSERT yourself in this picture.

Take some time to feel it/ see it/ taste it/ touch it/ hear it… use all your senses.

Take the time to ASSEMBLE the life you want from all the pieces of information that you have.

Now, it’s your turn to do some assemblage!