I have been following the events in Japan with teary eyes and a sad heart. The catastrophe is much greater than expected. The effects of radiation will be seen in generations ahead. Then I noodle on iodine pills and how the intake of “good” iodine can stave off the uptake of the radioactive iodine, to prevent thyroid cancers.

That simple statement had me thinking about what we humans have to do to stave off negativity from people who “vomit their radioactive energy” all over us… at any damn time they feel like it.

And there she was… a beautifully negative woman… sitting right in front of me and smiling like she meant it.

I mentioned the Flash Mob and she immediately said, “Forgive me for not being joyful but I have been around dancing all my life”…

I was quite taken aback, but if you know me, I do not give up that easily

so I said….

Did you see all the women our age who had fun?

She replied, “Well you had 200 people and I spent the day with 5000 dancing queens (meaning drill team)”

I said, “NO I will not accept that, The Flash Mob was awesome and you missed out” and I turned away and began another conversation.

She did not infect me!!!


Becauese I had my uptake of the good iodine… I was full of pure unpasteurised JOY.!

TRY it… Keep JOY in your lives… it will protect you from folks who “vomit their negative vibes” all over your sweet life.