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Image-1BANNED for LIFE…..the newbie NBA commissioner tells the racist tenured Team Owner!

Now that’s HUTZPAH!

I was in the middle of the first ever Train-the-Trainer Master Class for the foundation when I saw the headline…

NBA Commissioner speaks for nation in banishing Sterling!

When I turned the page I read:

“Stanley places himself within a culture that rewards a man who publicly owns a team made up of mostly black men but privately wants blacks to stay away from his team’s games.”

I am intrigued.

I am further intrigued that the newbie commissioner of the NBA’s name is SILVER.

In this case Silver and Sterling is not Sterling Silver but Silver VS Sterling!

Who could see that one coming?

For centuries we had the marriage of the words Sterling Silver that meant purest silver available. Now we can use those two words in a new and beautiful way to mean Nasty OUT/ Civility IN!

I am taking a BIG leap here and I would like to see some of the following:

If a male CEO makes a sexist comment about a woman’s place at the board table I want to see the CEO FIRED for sexist remarks.

I want to see headlines like:

CEO of XYZ company was fired on the spot yesterday for banning women from the the Board room. (When he is all too happy to have them slaving away on the shop floor!)

I want to see abusers taken to prison when they abuse someone else’s daughter as they cherish and put their own mothers on pedestals.

I want to see WOMEN STAND UP to abuse and tell the abuser that THEY too are human beings that deserve respect and honor.

I want to see women GIVE themselves the honor they deserve by speaking UP and OUT about the abuse that happens in the privacy of their own torturous prisons.

I want to see women record and video what the abuser is doing and play it for the lawyers and the the judges and I want to see the judges take the threats seriously enough to issue protection BEFORE a woman is killed or maimed.

I want to see society stand up to Gender Violence and Intimate Partner Violence as OPENLY as NBA commissioner Silver stood up to racism. The same racism that had been going on for decades and everyone turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.

Let us OPEN our eyes and CLEAN out our ears and let us speak UP about the abuses that are being played out in our families, in our communities and in our places of business.

Take a lesson from Commissioner Silver:


Please speak up about your abuse. Please do not allow yourself to be lulled into yet another trance of a fake apology.

Please help us to help you.


Love and Light,