A Rabbi, a Police Chief and a Boy Scout Leader turn on their computers…

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Photo Credit: Yamiche Alcindor

Photo Credit: Yamiche Alcindor


This may sound like the opening line of a joke, but IT IS NOT.

All of these individuals were part of a cache of 71 people caught passing around child porn.

What happens to society when people who are SUPPOSED to uphold the legal and moral codes turn out to be the disease?!

Where can we go?

Who do we turn to?

When a child’s own mother makes her do porn and then sells it, where does that broken child go?

On May 22nd, 2014 the front page of the USA Today exposed the arrest of 71 supposedly human beings who were sharing child porn.

What happens to their families?

Do they not realize the lives they have destroyed and the ridicule that their children will face in the community?!

To be the child of the Police Chief who was in the child porn ring…what an awful fate.

I am very concerned about who is counseling the children of the convicted.

What will society do to MAKE SURE they don’t turn out to be the next victims or worse, the distributors?

We MUST help the children.

I shudder to think of what will happen to those kids at school, to the wives, to the mothers of the accused.

Please reach out to the distressed families if you can…if you can recover from the harsh reality that educated and supposedly upstanding and KNOWN community leaders are indeed the UNKNOWN devil.

Love and light,