Yoga for your Soul and Spirit….

I hope the title of this post made you slightly curious.

It was quite difficult to name this, as I KNEW what I wanted to say but I was not sure how to title it so that it made sense.

Was I frustrated in the “not knowing” of what the title would be?

No, I was actually amused that I could have such a deep “KNOWING” of what something is, yet not be able to name it.

This sitting with “not knowing” is the very essence of yoga for your soul and spirit. It requires no physical movement, although doing physical asana (poses) will help to soften the experience and sweeten the “not knowing”.

The willingness to stay with a confused mind and not label the fog in any way, but to KNOW that this fog will burn away IF you don’t try to push it away, is very comforting.

A few things you can say to yourself would be:

This too shall pass.

I have been here before and I survived.

This place is familiar and it does not have to be scary.

I find myself in “not knowing” again, an old familiar place.

Hello old friend called “foggy mind”. What sweetness do you hold today?

I have been reading The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra and I think that this book will help you to sit in “not knowing”.

I could write lots more here, in an attempt to make you more comfortable with not knowing, but in the end it will only be MY experience of it. I invite you to have your own experience.

Love and light