What is your Raison d’être?

What is your Raison d’être?
What is your reason for being?
What is your purpose?
What great thing you are here to accomplish?

When I say GREAT thing, I do not mean BIG thing. I mean any-sized thing.
I am on an amazing journey with a lovely group of women who are eager to do the foundation work. One of the women said,

“I’m learning that I don’t always have to save the world in a hard and heavy way. A simple gesture like nail polish and aromatherapy can make a huge difference.  Sometimes simple is more powerful.  A good reminder that fun is good!!  I guess that’s how it has impacted me personally….reminding me to play and have fun and not to take it all so

Those words are prophetic and wise.

Will you take the time you need to find your Raison d’être?

The world needs you to step up and into YOU!

Love & light,