The Meaning of Love & Other Stuff…

Love by jmscottlMD, on flickrA few days ago I started a FB thread with a simple question – What do you consider the first day of the week?

25 People answered:

1.  21 said Monday 0.84%

2.  2 said Sunday 0.08%

3.  1 said Saturday 0.04%

4.  1 said None  0.04%

I would like for you to extrapolate those percentages to the numbers of people you have in your life and come up with some realistic numbers for yourself.

Now I would like you to ask this question: what does LOVE mean?

February 14 is a day when we are swamped with the Meaning of LOVE.

Red flowers… But only roses.

Diamonds… and if there are in a heart shape, well is that not just the cutest?

It can also mean surprising your lover with notes or rose petals on the bed or two people who probably hate baths to take a romantic bubble bath and hear violins and a Barry White voice in the background.

Now, when you take the time to realize that a certain percentage of those lovers will all have different answers…

Is there any wonder that “February 14th” is one of the MOST confusing days of the year?

What if your lover is the one to say “Saturday” and you have never heard of Saturday as the first day of the week, might you assume that they are crazy but certainly not crazy for you? Or maybe you can accept their “Saturday”, but damn it, you will have them saying “Monday” in no time because that was your answer.

This Valentine’s Day, try this one for size: try figuring out what it means to LOVE yourself and start to practice unconditional self love. It really is the only hope we have to understand why we do what we do and why we expect what we expect from others.

Would it not be so great if you could declare every day a day of self acceptance and then maybe we can accept others for their Mondays or Sundays or Saturdays and we would never question the veracity of their responses.

We would just celebrate differences and maybe then we would really understand about LOVE.

Just my two cents.