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Why we can’t leave a single girl behind…..

There are so many astonishing statistics in this article:

  • Teen pregnancy is the number one cause of mortality for girls between the ages of 15 and 19, and nearly 10 percent of all adolescent girls in low and middle income countries are mothers before they are 16.
  • In Colombia, a woman is killed by a current or former partner every six days.
  • In Amhara, Ethiopia, 50 percent of girls are married by the time they are 15 years-old.

“As long as women experience discrimination, inequality and violence, their human rights will not be realized and they will be prevented from participating meaningfully in the life of their communities and countries.” –Tewodros Melesse


The cycle begins at birth…and we must work together and empower one another so that this cycle doesn’t become a destructive one.

Love & light,