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Have you lost your way?

Have you lost your way?

I was recently in Paris at the airport.  There was only a short amount of time between my flights, and my stress weighed heavily on me.  I got lost three different times between terminals as the clock ticked away.  The signs that told me where to go were in front of me, but as I skimmed over them looking for big arrows that said “Terminal E2,” I missed the smaller details in my narrowed perception, which were meant to give me the direction of where to go.

If I would have managed my stress better I would have seen those smaller signs, and I would have found my way a little easier.

How many times in life has stress narrowed your perception where the signs, although right in front of us, go undetected?

Next time stress creeps up your spine, stop and breathe and look for all the signs of life. They are there, and once you see them your path will be illuminated. Otherwise, the most obvious of signs will go unseen.  And you too will be lost.