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Chew on THAT!

We’ve all been there…the conversation is flowing along nicely and BAM, someone takes offense to an opinion that you have but instead of asking for clarification, they SLAM you with an insult!

You know the feeling.
You suddenly feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, a bucket of ice cold water was just poured over your head or someone punched you in the gut!

You now have a choice. You can choose to slam back or you can choose to walk away.
I may have another option for you; I want you to CHEW ON THAT!
I want you to look them in the eye and say, “Well now let me see how that goes down, let me CHEW on your words for a while.”

Then I want you to conjure up a picture of an animal chewing and chewing and chewing on the hard blades of grass.
Pretend that the insult is a new kind of food that you are trying….hold the insult in your mouth, do NOT swallow!
Turn that insult around in your mouth.
If it had a taste, what would it taste like?
If it had a texture, what would it feel like?
If it had a temperature, would it be hot or cold?
Is it spicy, tasteless, salty or acidic?

Take your time, and then decide. If you do not like the way it will go down, SPIT it out.

How can you spit out someone else’s words?
You can simply say, without any anger, “Well now look here, I must decline to accept your most generous insult.”
Try doing it with a funny accent.
If you are a northerner, try a southern accent.
If you are a southerner, try a northern accent.

Why should you do this? It does seem quite ridiculous!
It actually IS quite ridiculous, but no more so than wasting good energy on stupid insults.
I hope you try it.

Let’s have some fun instead of always wanting to strike back.
Believe me when I say, striking back at the person who is quick with insults is a never-ending game. They get their glee from making you frazzled. They may deny it but sometimes it feels like they have an internal score board to settle and the more off track they can get you, the higher their score.

The only way out is to NOT PLAY THEIR game.
Do not play. Bench yourself.
If you sit out on the games that are detrimental to your emotional health, you will not lose anything.
You will gain some emotional strength. You will increase your emotional IQ.
How will it increase?
It will increase because you are not allowing the other person’s energy to derail you.

Give this technique a try, won’t you?

Love and light,